Just out on the stands!
We are so happy to have gotten such a kind gesture from the incredible magazine ,VIE.

They wanted to showcase a selection of images from some of our client’s work. They made the selections from about 2 dozen projects we shared with them and here are the ones they chose. 

Congratulations to Becky and Andy Lynch, Brooks Construction, Anne Pappas (Hagerty) Interiors, Michael Gentemann of G2 Architects, Richard Best Custom Homes, Lee R. Stough and Harrison Design.

As a photographer of architecture and interiors, it has always been my pleasure to be “behind the scenes” and not be the “focus” of attention…with the work we do…but I have to say it is kind of fun to get to provide input about our approach…I have always thought the type of photography I do, should be like a good drummer…you feel it….kind of like a supporting role, but it doesn’t have to be the star. Our clients are in the lead role and we just try to help them look their best.



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